Dustin Wilson / Juridico-Geometric-Ludocracy: Null Boundary

Dustin Wilson / Juridico-Geometric-Ludocracy: Null Boundary

Dustin Wilson / Juridico-Geometric-Ludocracy: Null Boundary

On view March 16 – April 21, 2018
Opening Reception: Friday, March 16, 8 pm
Artist Talk: Friday, March 16, 7 pm

PAVED Arts is pleased to present Dustin Wilson / Juridico-Geometric-Ludocracy: Null Boundary on view March 16 – April 21, 2018. Curated by David LaRiviere, Artistic Director, PAVED Arts.

“Null Boundary” refers to the cosmological theory that in an infinite universe there would be pockets of space or areas of the universe where the mechanics of reality are fundamentally different. Juridico-Geometric-Ludocracy: Null Boundary is a video and sculptural installation featuring four simulated worlds presented in a series of media iterations: sculpture, real-time animation and composite-video. This project proposes these simulated worlds as sites for imagining how political and social organisation might differ in an alternate physical reality; might a genuine utopia be possible?

Juridico-Geometric-Ludocracy is a working methodology for producing experimental narrative art based on the inherently political structure of games. This methodology focuses on digital tools that are designed to both create and blur the lines between worlds: video games, physics simulations, augmented reality and compositing software. In Juridico-Geometric-Ludocracy the potential for digital media to simulate alternate realities is taken as an opportunity to test the potential of reorganizing reality as a form of Science-Fiction thought experiment.

An accompanying billboard project by Dustin Wilson, Some Kind of Brutalist Vacuum Cleaner, is installed on the shared PAVED Arts and AKA artist-run facade at 424 20th St. W.

Dustin Wilson received his BFA from Mount Allison University and MFA from the University of Guelph. He describes his art practice as metafuturology: a discipline that studies prediction itself, providing a humanistic counterweight to instrumental pragmatism. His projects have been exhibited in galleries across Canada including SBC, Eastern Edge Gallery, Struts, Skol, AKA, and Modern Fuel.

The artist wishes to acknowledge the support of the OAC and the Chalmers Family Fund. Receiving the Chalmers Research Fellowship made this project possible.

Related Events:
Saturday, March 17, 1–4 pm.
Intro to 3D Design Workshop w/ Artist Dustin Wilson
Event Space, upstairs at PAVED Arts/AKA Artist-Run Centre

This workshop will be an introduction to the Unity3D game design engine. Artist Dustin Wilson will lead participants through the working parts of his RT animation showing in the PAVED gallery as an entry point. Using free content from the Unity asset store, participants can expect to go through the process of making their own virtual environment. The Unity software has is everything you need to make a VR video game/experience.

To register for this members’ workshop, please email: production@pavedarts.ca


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