Event Space

The Event Space can only be booked by MEMBERS for PRODUCTION use only including:

Greenscreen Work
Audio Recording Sessions
Installation Preparation

Or other production activities at the discretion of the staff.

For event space booking inquiries, Please contact Lenore Maier (technical at pavedarts.ca) or 652-5502 ext 3.

The cost is $25 per day during regular office hours (12pm-6pm) and $100 for approved evening and weekend bookings.

You must have an up to date PAVED Arts membership to host events in the PAVED ARTS/AKA Event Space.

Event Space Equipment

1 Mackie ONYX 1640 Mixer
1 Behringer Feedback Destroyer Pro
1 Behringer Multicom Pro XL Compressor/Limiter
2 SLX4 Wireless Mic Recievers
1 Shure SM58 Wireless Mic
1 Shure Beta87A Wireless Mic
1 Shure SLX1 Wireless Lav Mic
1 Shure Beta 58A wired Mic
1 Teac CD-RW880 CD recorder
4 JBL EON 15 g2 Speakers
1 JBL EON 15 Subwoofer
1 TAPCO mix50 (mobile mixer)
1 Behringer Eurorack 2004A (mobile mixer)
1 24 1/4 patch bay
1 12 1/4 patch to stage snake
Limited Supply of Assorted Cables

1 Panasonic PT-Ae2000U projector
1 Front Mounted 16′ wide 16:9 Projector Screen (Motorized)
1 Sony BDP-S300
1 Sony DSR-11
1 Toshiba RD XS34 DVD recorder
1 four way VGA Switcher
1 four way S-video Switcher
1 Windows XP PC / VGA out / S-video In / M-Audio Delta 2496 Audio Card
1 16mm sound projector

1 Smartfade 1248
1 ETC SMartpack 12 channels @ 10amp ea.
2 SourceFour Jr
3 Par64
1 Green Screen (10’x20′)
Small assortment of Gels

4 2’x4′ choral risers with 6″ and 12″ legs
2 Mic stands with booms
2 Table stands
3 Film Projector Screens ~ 4′ wide square
6 sandbags
2 JBL Eon speaker stands (mobile)