The Project

The Project

The Project

Without question the strongest asset of our organization is the collective strength of our membership.  Whether it be volunteerism, collaborative productions, or just a social get together, if you look back at all of your favorite PAVED memories its unlikely that you were ever alone.  It is with this sense of collaboration that PAVED arts is extremely excited to announce the launch of a brand new funding initiative in the production center.

Crowdfunding offers our membership an opportunity to have more of a stake in the operation of the production center while also allowing us to pool resources to improve the capacity of the production center for all members.  What’s more is that by donating, members have an opportunity to take advantage of a very generous reward system.

Please check out our camera page to learn more about why this the cinema camera would be such a powerful tool to have in house for our members.

To pledge a donation call the production center 652-5502 ext 3, or stop by the production center during operating hours.  Cash or Cheque, or by paypal!

The Rental Rate for the Black magic camera will be $60/day & $250 dollars per week.

The Deadline to reach our Goal is Nov 2nd/2012!!

Rewards !

$10 – $49 (Penn & Teller) = You are super!  You will receive your donation amount as rental credit for the Black Magic Cinema Camera once purchased for the production center.

$50 – $99 (Siegfried & Roy) = Amazing Job!  You will also receive the dollar value of your donation as rental credit toward the camera, but we will also throw in one free day in the video suite to check out your footage in full resolution and, if you want, take a spin on Da Vinci Resolve.  The industry standard colour correction software that comes free with the cinema camera.

$100 – $249 (David Copperfield) = Wow, you rock!  A donation like this deserves something special.   So how bout we give you full dollar value of your donation towards a rental of the camera, a lighting kit of your choice for the duration of your rental, and 2 days in the video suite free to check out your handy work

$250 – $499 (Gob Bluth) = Words cannot describe the sheer awesomeness… So how about some rewards!  First you get the rental, then you get the light kit, then you get the video suite, but also because you rock so hard!  We are gonna throw in our brand new lens kit full of Canon L-series EF goodness.

$ 500+ (Freaking Gandolf) = One donation to rule them all!  This is real generosity, and it’s something that shouldn’t be forgotten.  That’s why on top of getting all the rewards mentioned previous (donation credit, lighting kit, lens kit, video suite), we are also going to name the camera after you.  That’s right, forever more this camera at PAVED arts is going to be called the “your name here” black magic cinema camera.

To pledge a donation call the production center 652-5502 ext 3, or stop by the production center during operating hours.  Cash or Cheque only, paypal donations coming soon! 


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