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Chris Flower

Montreal based artist Chris Flower incorporates DIY/hack invention with new and traditional media, in this way making particular (if somewhat playful) reference to process based conceptual art. In his most recent work he utilizes research tools such as wind tunnels, high-speed flash triggers, and unidentified improvised devises to observe and document the physical qualities of found and everyday objects in motion. Given that many of the objects selected retain their commercial or recognizably functional character, Flower’s juxtapositions depict a clash of materials that produce the unpredictable outcomes of rock-paper-scissors: victory by brute force, victory by sublimation, victory by inscription. The result is destructive, mesmerizing, and/or simply entertaining. With an economy of means and deceptively simple process, the mundane is consistently made strange.

Recent exhibitions of Flower’s work include Artspace (Peterborough), Modern Fuel (Kingston), and Gallery 101 (Ottawa).