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Ellen Moffat

November 11th – December 10th, 2011.

Check out the video of her live performance at PAVED arts here

PickUpPutDown is an interaction in and with an architectural space as a base form for an experimental sound project. Saskatoon media artist Ellen Moffat will attach instrument wire and sound materials directly onto surfaces and features of the PAVED Arts gallery space using the walls as ad hoc soundboards. Sound within this environment is amplified with contact microphones. Visitors are invited to engage with various objects and materials through direct actions and improvisation as an intuitive exploration of sound-making and listening. The subtlety, repetition and distribution of the sounds will draw attention to their character and relate to the space of the gallery as a sound chamber. This project includes in situ production, installation and performance.

Ellen Moffat’s production of media installation and public art explores site, sound and space using multi-channel sound technology, as well as text and image. Her recent projects explore methods and strategies for sound generation as interactive co-creation. She has exhibited nationally and internationally. She is based in Saskatoon, Canada.