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K.C. Adams and Arlea Ashcroft

June 26th to July 24th, 2010.

Curated by Liz Barron – Winnipeg, MB.

I.D. Guest Curator Liz Barron looks at the issue of difference within an online environment, and how the participants identities are homogenized rather than viewed as individuals. Both Artists Arlea Ashcroft and KC Adams produced new works on their interpretations of the impact of new media within the Aboriginal context and to investigate how creative practices can be used to understand and transform the gallery experience.

Ashcroft is a self-taught artist who is primarily a painter. Her artwork stresses the visual articulation of the female gaze and is rooted in her own anecdotal and autobiographical and mythological meanderings. For I.D. Ashcroft Ashcroft is generating a new media work situated within the social networking sphere of facebook, and involving the construction of a “gift” application. Participants will be asked to identify with some 200 possible gift “objects” in terms that pose the choice between Métis, Métis Not.

KC Adams work also transforms the gallery exhibition space and redirects the viewer to an online environment. The audience directly engages with the work on the web, and plays a game. The game, Truth, Dare, or Double Dare, takes the viewer into a public performance in which they participate. Selecting your game play from photographs, the viewer is asked to identify themselves within the general public.