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January 2012

Mobile Equipment:

The Red Rock Micro “Captain Stubling” DSLR bundle:  With the new found popularity of using DSLR’s as video cameras for high quality production shooting one question would constantly come up amongst PAVED members.  How do I shoot handheld with such a small camera body?  This new and useful little tool makes handheld work easy and smooth providing the camera operator with stability and grip in an ergonomic design.  The package also features a “follow focus” unit which can be used by the camera operator or an assistant allowing smooth rack focusing during hand held shots.  Come by PAVED arts to check it out, or, take our brief tutorial and rent the unit yourself for $20/day.


Audio Suite:
Now featuring a brand new Apogee Ensemble audio interface.  A huge favorite of recording professionals around the world.  Apogee’s world famous pre-amp’s and digital converters now call paved arts’ audio suite home.  Also new to the audio suite, the Shure SM7b; one of the most ubiquitous studio mics ever made (especially on vocals), this mic is perfect for music, voice over narration, radio broadcast, and sound art.  Last but not least, PAVED arts is happy to say that we now offer Pro Tools 9 in our audio suite, come by and check out the most popular audio engineer software in the world… ever..

Video Suite:
Twin LED 27 inch Apple Cinema Display bring your video project to life with more screen real estate and an accuracy never before seen at PAVED arts.  Perfect for anyone working with Adobe Creative Suite

Coming Soon to PAVED arts…
Canon Rebel t2i, Arri D1 Lighting Kit, Redrock Micro “Captain Stubling” DSLR bunble