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Featuring Centre des Arts Actuels SKOL Members: Chantel Bélanger, Véronique Malo, Karen Elaine Spencer, Jean-Ambroise Vesac.

November 5 – December 11, 2010.

Part two of a two-part collaborative exchange with SKOL in Montreal. A 24-page publication will attend both parts of the exhibition.

SKOL component facilitated by Nikki Middlemiss.

Two cities of different sizes, two distinct linguistic cultures. A multitude of possibilities in how we think about our cities, if we’re thinking about them at all. This fall Skol shares its programming with PAVED Arts in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, featuring a selection of artists at the core of each community through two group exhibitions as well as a public conversation around the issue of membership.

– Nikki Middlemiss, Facilitator

Une étendue apparemment infinie et tentaculaire (Sprawl) features the work of Chantel Bélanger, Véronique Malo, Karen Elaine Spencer, and Jean-Ambroise Vesac, all very active artists and members of the Centre des arts actuels SKOL in Montreal. In addition to the gallery installation, this component of the PAVED-SKOL exchange will feature a billboard project by Karen Elaine Spencer, namely a provocative postcard message addressed to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.