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PAVED Arts proudly presents the 6th instalment of the Toon’s Kitchen series…
Insult To Injury
A Collaboration between poet Janet Marie Rogers and media artist Marcel Petit.

November 23rd – December 8th, 2012.
Please Join Us for the Opening Reception: Friday, November 23rd, 5:00 to 6:45 PM.

This project begins as a response to harmful stereotypes that are circulated in the mass media, but goes further in a positive direction, to lend voice to those who may otherwise be badly misrepresented in the public record. As the Poet Janet Marie Rogers explains;

The poem, Insult to Injury was inspired by an article in the National Post, written by Christie Blanchford, about the Robert Pickton trial. In the reporting of the victims, Ms. Blanchford called the victims drug addicts and prostitutes. The latter title was true in most cases, but the title drug addict was never reported or proven during the trial.

I found the statement, in print versions of the article and when I researched the on-line version of the article, the accusatory statement was pulled. Media, and particularly in Christie Blanchford’s case, has the ability to commit crimes upon the people they are referencing, just as much as serial killer Robert Pickton. The poem Insult to Injury is informed and based on the National Post’s article.