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Masterclass with Laura Dutton
Saturday, January 19th from 2-4pm in the event space.

Exhibition Description:
This series of free-standing (sculptural) photographic prints extends the artist’s investigation into light, both as the elemental material of photographic process and as a subject matter. Laura Dutton’s chosen motif, low resolution images of windows on buildings, doubles the motif of the picture plane as it is first embodied by the object, but also represented by its subject matter. Likewise, a parallel is pursued with the subject of “light,” given that her objects are light boxes that illuminate the translucent photographs, and then again with the subject matter representing light as it streams through a window space.

Master Class Description:
While Laura Dutton’s images read as simplified or minimal motifs, her process is rigorous and technical. PAVED Arts is proud to present a “master class” with the artist that will combine a discussion of the artist’s work and conceptual concerns with a presentation of some of the techniques that Dutton has developed in producing C-prints from hand-made negatives. Please register early as space will be limited!