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Beachtek DXA-SLR PRO HDSLR Audio Adapter

DSLR cameras can do amazing things for cinematographers, but one area that has always been challenging is how to record high quality audio with only a single 1/8 inch input on the camera body. This new addition to our mobile gear offers a great solution. By attaching this little device to the bottom of your DSLR camera body you get access to 2 balanced, mic/line switchable, XLR inputs, Headphone monitoring, viewable level meters, and AGC disabling. Learn more here

Akai MPC 1000

Inspired by our recent Urban Radio Lab workshop with MPC guru Aries, PAVED arts was convinced that we had to have one of these in our Audio Suite. The MPC1000 inherits all of the essential MPC features such as 32-voice stereo sampling, 64-track sequencing, and 16 velocity and pressure-sensitive MPC pads, fitting all the production capability into a compact, affordable package. 16MB of on-board memory comes standard and can be expanded up to 128MB. You can save your work to a Standard Compact Flash Card (up to 2GB). A preloaded CF card with popular Akai Pro samples is included to get you going. Learn more here

Matrox MXO-2 with Max

Have you ever had the experience of working on a project where you love how it looks in the suite, but are disappointed when you see it projected or on a television. This handy little device will allow the LCD television in our video suite to become a professional quality video monitor with many colour calibration tools, including blue only.  Learn more here