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Calling all experimental Audio-Artists based in Saskatoon!

Send your submission now!

PAVED Arts is excited to offer a fantastic opportunity for seven audio-artists based in Saskatoon. As part of the Senior Residency being staged by the Montreal-based sound collective Minibloc, a series of audio production workshops will be staged as well as a live performance.

PAVED Arts invites interested audio-artists to participate in the workshop series, culminating in a live performance and a corresponding publication! There are seven spots available for artists to work and collaborate in an intensive, “laboratory” environment conducted by Minibloc.

Artist fees of $300.00 will be paid to each participant for their performance contribution at the “Sounds Like audio Art Festival” following the workshop series, scheduled for Friday, July 27 at PAVED Arts!

How To Submit:

A brief statement of interest (no more than 200 words), online sound samples or CD-R recordings and Curriculum Vitae can be delivered by email or regular mail to:

David LaRiviere, Artistic Director, PAVED Arts
424-20 Street West, Saskatoon, SK. S7M 0X4

Phone David at 652-5502 for more information.

Submissions must be received by no later than Friday, June 22 at 6pm.

PAVED Arts Senior Residency 2012-2013: Minibloc (Montreal)
Minibloc is an ongoing collaborative project shared between Nicolas Dion and Anne-Françoise Jacques (Montreal). Minibloc uses amplification of objects, small electronic circuits and recontextualisation of field recordings as the material to create live hands-on sound performances, sound installations and radio art pieces. The duo often perform live and have participated in many festivals including Club Transmediale (Berlin), Send & Receive (Winnipeg), Mutek (Montréal), Festival des Musiques de Création (Saguenay) and Rencontres de musiques spontanées (Rimouski).