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Paved Arts Proudly Presents:
The 3rd Edition of Toon’s Kitchen: The Saskatoon Screening Room

Dallas Kruszelnicki’s
Forest Man
July 24 – August 3, 2012

An accompanying critical text will be written by Mark Ferguson.

Please join us for the premiere screening of Dallas Kruszelnicki’s FOREST MAN Friday,July 27 at 8:00PM. The artist will accompany his 8mm horror film with a live experimental soundtrack during this special Sounds Like… presentation of FOREST MAN in the 2nd floor event space. Otherwise this Toon’s Kitchen presentation will occupy the PAVED Arts Main Gallery space from July 24 to August 3rd.

Filmed in beautiful 8mm film, the Forest Man emerges as a menace spawned from under leaves and other dead vegetable matter of the earth. Dallas Kruszelnicki’s brief study in horror doubles as an evocative ground on which the artist mounts an intense barrage of sound. From the accompanying text by Mark Ferguson:

As he is introduced, Forest Man emerges from under a pile of leaves. Disoriented. How long has he been asleep? Do the leaves act as a warm blanket, or has Forest Man been awoken from hibernation? His clothes appear Neanderthal.

It is the subtle nuances that give the film momentum and leaves us as viewers to interpret and predict the reasons why.