Urban Radio Lab

Urban Radio Lab

Urban Radio Lab

The Urban Radio Lab was a month long project that took place at PAVED Arts in July, 2012. The purpose for this initiative is to enable PAVED Arts to deliver a media art program for local aboriginal youth. PAVED Arts facilitated 5 media arts workshops led by local arts leaders such as Eekwol, Aleyna May Morin, Gilles Zolty, Randy Morin, Geordie Trifa and Aries (Jon Cennon). The workshops ranged from audio recoding and mixing to cultural teachings and performance. The youth created their own original tracks, which was broadcasted through CFCR Community Radio in Saskatoon. At the end of the project, the participants put on a live performance at PAVED Arts, which was very well attended by the local community. The project gathered a lot of positive community response and was even featured on the front page of the Saskatoon’s Star Phoenix newspaper. The Urban Radio Lab Project was generously funded by the City of Saskatoon

The participants that took place in the project were: Kashtin Thorn, Bradley Hendry, Shady LaPlante and Christian Nepoose.The coordinator for the Urban Radio Lab was Muskwa Lerat.

The two tracks that the group wrote and produced were “Life is Good” and “All I Think About is You”

 Here are some photos of the Urban Radio Lab (click any photo to check out the gallery on Flickr)

Introduction and Program Overview with Aleyna May and MPC, Intro and Production Workshop With Jon ‘Aries’ Cennon

Cultural and Cree language Workshop with Randy Morin

Lyric Writing and Songwriting Workshop with Lindsey ‘Eekwol’ Knight