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PAVED arts is proud to announce a full schedule of workshops to start 2012.  We encourage all of our producing members to attend as many workshops as possible, and if you have any suggestions for future workshops please send all suggestions to

All Workshops run from Noon-3 p.m. in the production center unless otherwise posted. 


Writing Successful Submissions to Galleries and Artist-Run Centers (Part 1) – Saturday, January 14th, 2012.

Host: Cindy Baker

Part one of this two part workshop will consist of an interactive lecture-based discussion about preparing successful submissions to visual and media arts production and presentation venues, breaking them down into their component parts and discussing winning techniques for getting and holding the gallery’s attention.

Pro Tools 9 (Intro) – Saturday January 21st, 2012

Host: Reilly Forbes

This workshop will introduce members to the audio worlds most popular recording and editing software program.  Covering basic workflows, sessions setup, efficiency tricks, and signal flow, this workshop is a must for any member interested in getting the most out of the audio in their PAVED projects.

Writing Successful Submissions to Galleries and Artist-Run Centers (Part 2) – January, 28th, 2012.

Host: Cindy Baker

Part two will be a mock jury of submissions prepared by workshop participants. After having attended the previous session, participants will be asked to bring either a submission in development, or the various pieces of a submission that they have on hand.


Adobe After Effects (Intro) – Saturday February 4th, 2012

Host – Andrei Feheregyhazi

Adobe After Effects is one of the most popular and powerful tools for video production.  This workshop aims at introducing members to the software layout and workflow, as well as tips and tricks to increase your efficiency.  This workshop is perfect for any member interested in learning about digital animation, CG post production, and colour correction.

Pro Tools 9 (Intermediate) – Saturday February 18th, 2012

Host: Reilly Forbes

This workshop will build on concepts introduced in the novice level Pro Tools workshops.  Members will be introduced to more advanced editing and mixing concepts, including surround sound considerations, audio compression and eq, and output formats.  Attendance at a previous pro tools intro workshop or equivalent experience is required to participate.

SONY EX-1 Basics Workshop – Saturday February 25th, 2012

Host – Andrei Feheregyhazi

The Sony EX-1 is the most elite video camera that PAVED arts offers as mobile rental equipment.  It is great at shooting in low light, and offers many advantages not seen on more consumer  level cameras.  This workshop aims to provide members with a basic understanding of the camera’s menus and functions, as well appropriate usage etiquette.  This workshop is a requirement for members to rent the Sony EX-1.

Canon EOS 7D as a video camera Workshop – Sunday March 11th, 2012

Host – Nelson Manning

As camera technology evolves, we are beginning to see a merging of video cameras and still photography DSLR cameras.  The Canon 7D is one of the most powerful results of this merger.  Capable of shooting video at 24 fps and 1080 p, the 7D has a distinctive “film” look that many members find preferable to other high end digital camera options.  Nelson Manning will guide members through the basic functions and considerations of using the 7D as a video camera, as well as tips and tricks for getting the most out of your image.

More (yet to be scheduled) Workshops in February and March…

Grant Writing, Native Instruments Absynth,  Final Cut Pro…