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Toon’s Kitchen XI featuring Allysha Larsen
Opens November 8th @ 8pm.

The multi-channel video School of Athens was shot in Saskatchewan in 2013. Dramatic figures populate rural landscapes, seemingly incongruent with each other and their surroundings. Characters act out a surreal morality play full of charged allegory. Central to the piece are two sets of contrasted characters: demure and virginal Greek nymphs, and their Orientalist shadow selves—looming veiled women who are at once gothic and sci-fi. Keeping an eye on the women are mysterious men, robed in history and power.

Allysha Larsen’s multi-channel work School of Athens will be presented in the Toon’s Kitchen, opening November 8th along side of the Main gallery presentation of Dead Air by Steven Bates.

Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Friday, Noon – 6 pm; Saturdays Noon – 4pm.

PAVED Arts acknowledges the support of our members, volunteers and partners, and of our principal funders: Canada Council for the Arts, Saskatchewan Arts Board, SaskCulture, SaskLotteries, the City of Saskatoon and the National Film Board of Canada.