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PAVED Arts Event Space
Oct 9th 8:00 PM

PAVED Arts is proud to present the member production funded short film by Brad Proudlove and Matt Voyno

All The Dollar Bills In My Hometown is a short film about Brent, a 30-something who has moved back to his hometown, a tiny village in rural Saskatchewan, in search of closure. His father was murdered when he was very young, and he has spent the rest of his life searching for something to fill that father figure role in his life. Brent has amassed a collection One Dollar Bills, and other Canadian bank memorabilia as a way to remember his father (a local bank manager), but even those physical items can’t stop the memory of his father from slowly fading. Brent wanders the decaying remains of the village he calls home, searching for closure, not realizing that the closure he seeks may have been inside him all along.

Run time is 22:20
See a trailer for the film here