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Jeff Morton (Ottawa)
June 1-4, 2014 at Saskatoon’s Kiwanis Park

All The Horses is a funny kind of electronic musical instrument that you can play.  It is made out of “lost” electronic toys that have been altered.  Instead of the usual classical music or lullaby sounds they used to make, the toys have been electronically modified to produce strange new frequencies and rhythms.

The purpose of this community partnership is to provide a gallery style experience in a non-traditional setting, and to encourage inquiry-based learning through creative sound exploration.

Artist Biography

Jeff Morton is a musician, composer, and media artist.  He has performed across Canada and beyond, as a solo musician and in different groups and bands.  He has written compositions that have been performed by many great Canadian musicians.  In addition to making music, Jeff also draws and writes.  Jeff Morton was born in Saskatchewan, grew up in and around Saskatoon, lived a few years in Regina, and currently lives in Ottawa.

PotashCorp Children’s Festival hours: Sunday June 1 (10am-6pm), June 2-4 (9am-4pm)