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Sounds Like Audio Art Festival is pleased to announce this year’s exciting workshop lineup. Anyone with a festival pass can sign up FOR FREE, but we suggest you do it soon – they’re filling up fast!

To sign up for a workshop contact Inger at galleryassistant(a) or call (306) 652-5502 (ext 3).

Lisa Birke 12-2pm at PAVED Arts/AKA Artist-Run

Lisa will take us through a tour of her performance-for-video work focusing on how the use and manipulation of repetitive sound and the sung round have formed an integral part of her process. Sensibilities in the work range from the melancholic – simultaneously sung/wailed Morse code on site at the former Berlin wall; to the loud – the slowed-down cacophonic clang of teapots being smashed with an axe; to the absurd – four hundred eggs being teed off on the golf green; to the disconcerting – Disneyesque melodies being played in reverse and dubbed with an ominous chorus of bird calls. The work attempts to find a place in the soundscape that is simultaneously familiar and unnerving and in the process attempts to re-tune the expectations of the female voice.

After her audio/visual presentation, Lisa will invite participants to contribute their voices to the soundtrack of her newest video work: “Happy Days (After Samuel Beckett)”. In a guided low-tech recording session, Lisa will remix these voices on the spot and add them to an already in-process ambient soundscape.

Peter Flemming 2-4pm at PAVED Arts/AKA Artist-Run

In this workshop participants will wind an electromagnetic coil with magnet wire, to be used as part of an improvised loudspeaker along with a found-object resonator that they bring in. The workshop will start with a short presentation on the connection between electricity and magnetism, including a practical demonstration with a makeshift electromagnetic pendulum and micro-ampere generator. The rest of the workshop is devoted to experimentation. Possible resonators: plastic containers, buckets, drums, cans, glass. Does it sound good when you tap your finger on it or speak into it? Bring it in! Bring many things, as not everything will work, hence the experimentation.

Shawn Pinchbeck 12-2pm at The Two Twenty (220 20th St W)

Shawn will be presenting an artist talk/demo about Max/MSP and the role it plays in his creative process in terms of performance, installation, composing, and tinkering. He will demonstrate his performance patch and discuss how he approaches his various performances, either solo or interdisciplinary. He will also discuss working with interactive elements in the performance environment.

Ivan Reese 2-4pm at The Two Twenty (220 20th St W)

Ivan will be exploring the process and techniques he uses to translate ideas of music theory into a computer. He’ll offer some examples derived from his performance, give participants a framework for thinking about how computers work, and lead some interactive exercises that will be performed as a group. He has also offered to help anyone with a laptop get set up to experiment with music algorithms.

“Computers are just fancy toasters, you can stretch time by clapping your hands, and while you’ve heard that “music is math”, I’ll show you how to jump across the divide.”