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Sounds Like Audio Art Festival is excited to host 3 workshop programs as part of this years festival program.  If you are interested in attending a workshop email  To purchase a Sounds Like Festival pass click here.

David Jensenius
Tuesday July 21st 7:00PM
Storefront 224 20th Street West
This workshop is open to the public to attend

Join David Jensenius (Kitchener, ON) on a soundwalk through downtown Saskatoon. Participants will go for a slow walk listening closely to the natural environment and also how their own participation shapes the soundscape of the city.

Build a Bread Board Synth
Ben Grossman
Saturday, July 25th 2:00PM
This workshop is for festival pass holders only

Ideal for first-time hackers, circuit benders and synth-builders, this workshop will give you an introduction to working with breadboards (solderless prototyping boards), through-hole components and the venerable 555 timer chip.  Participants will come away with a working, noisy, hackable little synth and (hopefully) a sense of empowerment and the confidence to start building, tinkering and making homemade sound devices.

All parts are provided, no tools required, all are welcome. Limited to 15 participants.

Programing and performing with analog modular synthesizers
Karl Fousek
Saturday, July 25th 2:00PM
This workshop is for festival pass holders only

Workshop and informal discussion with Karl Fousek. Topics will range from simple and complex analog synthesis techniques, to performance and patching strategies, to integrating “computing” into a voltage control environment without the use of a personal computer. The workshop will also include a demonstration of the monome aleph sound computer as well as monome’s new teletype module for the use of ‘command line’ scripts within an analog synthesizer. Questions welcome!

About Sounds Like Audio Art Festival, July 23 to 25 2015:
Artists participating in Sounds Like 2015 explore the thematic of Locations and Borders through experimental audio performance and installation. Spread throughout the three-day festival, performances and installations will be held within AKA and PAVED Arts shared building at 424 20th Street West as well as Bridges Art Movement, the Roxy Theatre and the Storefront. Full line up here: