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It’s a new year and the production centre is ready to hit the ground running with some exciting workshop opportunities for our producing members.  We are covering all new ground this year with a combination of unique classes as well as introductions to some new gear available at PAVED.  As always, workshops are free for producing members in good standing.  To register email our technical coordinator Reilly at technical(a)  Enjoy!

Intro to 3D Modelling and 3D Printing
February 21st, 1PM – 5PM
PAVED Arts/AKA Gallery Event Space
Host: Jean-Sebastien Gauthier

This workshop will introduce participants to the basics of developing 3D models (using open source and free software) and best practices and considerations when preparing for 3D printing.  After going through the basics of model development participants will have the opportunity to make their own small 3D print at this workshop.

***Limited to 10 participants

Multi-Screen Projection and Installation Basics w/Allison Moore
March 14th, 1PM
PAVED Arts Production Centre
Host: Allison Moore

PAVED Arts is proud to present visiting artist Allison Moore as host of this unique members workshop.
Allison will be showing a look inside her multi-screen gallery installation “Video Terrariums” opening March 13th in the PAVED gallery space.  Allison will touch on each of the following topics as time allows and as interests amongst attendees dictates.

– conception, pre-production, production of multi-screen works.
– Editing/compositing techniques.
– Output: rendering, codecs, formats, aspect ratios.
– Execution: hardware, matrox, projectors, computers, screens, cableswith the technical components, the modules, and the production line used in multi-projector installations.

Introduction to Plustek 120 Negative Scanner (Attendance is Full)
March 21st, 1PM
PAVED Arts Production Centre
Host: Ania Slusarczyk

This workshop will introduce members to the newly acquired negative scanner available now in our digital photography suite.  Capable of handling almost every size and format of analog film, the scanner also comes with software to handle treating, colouring, and editing of your digital film negatives.  Participants will go through the entire process from scanning to preparing to your image for print, and will have the chance to scan their own negatives/slides.

Meet the new Professional Field Recording Bundle
April 18th, 1 PM
PAVED Arts Production Centre
Host: Reilly Forbes

The production centre is excited to reveal a brand new advancement in available field recording mobile equipment for our members.  This workshop is designed to introduce interested members in all the new gear, including;

– Sound Devices 722 Recorder
– Schoeps CMIT 5U Boom Mic
– Ambient QP 480 Boompole