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We think we do a pretty darn good job at researching and investing in new gear on behalf of our producing members.  But sometimes, even with really great gear, it takes a while before equipment breaks into an artists toolbox.  With that in mind, we’ve decided to briefly profile some of the gear that is currently available for rent at PAVED but in our opinion spends a little too much time on the shelf.  Don’t forget, the staff at the production centre provides free orientations to our producing members on any piece of gear you might be interested in.  Email us at or call 306-652-5502 ext.3.  Enjoy!

1. Red Rock “Captain Stubling” Bundle – DSLR video is awesome but handheld shots can be a nightmare.  The reality is, the body of the camera just wasn’t meant for that type of shooting.  Say hello to “Captain Stubling”, not only does this handheld rig give you a nice ergonomic grip on the camera but it also comes with a professional quality microfollow focus accessory allowing you to rack focus accurately and identically between takes. Rent it this weekend for $20

2. Matthews Doorway Dolly – A great tracking shot can be unforgettable, but until recently if you wanted to shoot one in Saskatoon you’d have to look somewhere other than PAVED.  No longer!  Just this past spring PAVED acquired one of the industry standards in doorway sized dolly hardware and so far the results have been impressive. Rent it this weekend for $40

3. Apple 17inch Laptop – In need of a powerful computer to do some video editing or work on your new Ableton live project?  Take our laptop home and get your work done.  The computer features software like Adobe Premiere CC, Final Cut Pro, and Ableton Live Studio 9 as well as hardware specs that make using media software nice and breezy.  Rent it this weekend for $20

4. Sound Devices 722T Audio Recorder – Considered to be the “gold standard” of mobile audio recorders, the 722 features a whole range of professional grade features designed for all types location recording.  But what really matters is this, the sound quality is amazing!  If you have been renting the Zoom H4N (which we love) we definitely recommend giving this a try. Rent it this weekend for $30

5. IKAN Daylight Balanced LED Panel 3 Light Kit – Lighting your project is tricky.  Between dealing with how hot lights can get, how much power they use, and how much space they take up, we see a lot of members say “no thanks, I’ll just grab a camera”.  This new LED based lighting kit helps with all of that, it runs cooler and on less power than our halogen bulb based kits.  Even better, it’s so efficient with power it can run on an internal battery for hours! Rent it this weekend for $25

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