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Introduction to Eurorack Modular Synthesizers: Demystifying Modulators with Chad Munson
1-4 PM, December 10th 2016 
PAVED AKA Event Space
This Workshop is free for PAVED Arts producing members and $10 for non-members.  To register email

Recently, modular synthesizers have had a huge resurgence in popularity. With over 100 manufacturers, Eurorack has become the most popular format on ModularGrid, due to its flexility and relative affordability. Given the massive selection of modules on the market, taking the leap into Eurorack can be a bit intimidating.

If you’re curious about going modular, this workshop can help to show you it’s many creative benefits. We’ll talk about the history of modular synths and eurorack, basic synth design, components, and module functions. We’ll also discuss control voltages, midi to control voltage converters, control voltage sequencing, and using a modular set up with software like Ableton Live. You’ll learn the difference between “east vs west coast” synthesis, while walking though basic patching examples, with hand-on examples. We’ll also explore planning a system on Modular Grid, using your own smart phone, tablet, or laptop.

photo credit: Nina Richards (who can be contacted via ZoeB). – Original photo by Nina Richards