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Introduction to VR 
November 20th 2016 1-4PM
Hosted by Ryan Hill

After years of not being ready for the general public, Virtual Reality is being catapulted in the main stream and becoming a major cultural venue for human expression. Ryan Hill will talk about the general state of VR, it’s various areas of devolopment, cinematic VR, 360 video, game creation tools and the future of the tech.  The workshop will allow for participants to experience 2 different types of VR interfaces.  We will conclude the workshop with an open discussion about VR’s potential role in the PAVED Arts production centre.

This workshop has a capped attendance, if you are interested in attending please email

This workshop is for PAVED Arts producing members in good standing only.

About the instructor: Ryan Hill is an interactive developer at Talking Dog Studios in Regina, Saskatchewan as well as a sound and visual artist. He has been working with creative technology for more than 15 years. Ryan has been working on Augmented Reality projects since 2009 and starting in 2015 started working on VR projects for RCMP Heritage Museum and Saskatoon Tourism.  He has developed for the Gear VR and HTC Vive. Recently Talking Dog Studios has opened up a VR arcade called The GRID in Regina in which Ryan has developed a custom VR application to drive the whole experience.