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May 6-June 18, 2016.
Opening Reception: Friday, May 6th at 8PM

Martine H. Crispo will present a kinetic sound and light installation that is tailored to the architectural features of the PAVED Arts gallery space. From the artist’s statement about her work:

“We are surrounded by light. Our eyes detect it and record details like color, brightness and movement. But if our eyes could hear, it is a world of unknown sound that would reveal itself to our ears. In the field of electronics, there is a photoelectric component that can capture light waves and transform them into sound signals: the photodiode. The photodiode takes up where our eyes leave off by transposing the pulsing of light into audible frequencies.

The installation Zoé T. : spectres et autres apparitions consists of six sound generators in which the soul source of sound is the light. The project does not use any frequency generators or oscillators. Rather, what we hear are sounds generated by harnessing the electromagnetic waves of light rays.”