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Some idiosyncratic approaches!
A Workshop Hosted by: Nikki Forrest
Sunday July 10th2-5 p.m.
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 This workshop will look into a variety of high and low-tech ways of working with sound and video in live performance situations.

During the three-hour workshop we will touch on the following topics;

 –       combining analogue and digital processing (sound)

–       combining live and pre-recorded material (sound and video)

–       “scrubbing” video to play directly from an editing timeline

The workshop will also include a basic introduction to Ableton Live 9:

o   Using session view in live performance

o   Importing Audio

o   Adding Effects

o   Working with Tracks and scenes

o   Participants can download a free version of Live 9 at:
if they would like to work hands-on with the software at the workshop.

Nikki will also do a very basic intro / demo (for absolute beginners) on the use of MAX / jitter for processing live video:

o   The basic MAX environment: patchers, objects, patch-cords

o   Using Maxhelp files

o   Building a basic video mixer

o   Demo: Using MAX to add delay to live camera signals

o   Participants can download a 30 day trial version at

Please note: for the scope of the very basic introduction included in this workshop it is not necessary for participants to have the software. They should only get it if they plan to continue exploring on their own and really want to “build along” during the workshop.