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July 13-17, 2016.
Curated by Eric Mattson
Echoing (silent) machines

Eric Mattson’s curatorial thesis, entitled Echoing (silent) machines, presents the installation and performance work of multidisciplinary artists for whom sound is conceived of as wholly material. Invited artists are distinguished by their use of unusual tools for the development and creation of sound, and an idiosyncratic process of material invention characterizes their respective performances in sound, music or noise. The notion of mechanisms is the core of this event, literally as well as figuratively. Visitors are exposed to mechanical sculptural processes which generate sound, sometimes in relation to images. Artists involved in the project include: Anne-F. Jacques, Diana Burgoyne, Ellen Moffat, Leyla Majori + Katherine Kline, Nikki Forrest, Steve Bates and Thomas Bégin.