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Cultural Event Marketing: Timelines, Design, & Strategies
Saturday October 22nd 1-4Pm
PAVED AKA Event Space
Hosted by Lindsey Rewuski
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Learn about basic event marketing for non-profit and volunteer-run cultural events, including exhibitions, festivals, talks, symposiums, and more! This workshop will focus on answering the following questions: How do you best reach your target audiences for a specific event? How do you go about creating a Marketing Strategy and Timeline, and why is it important to have one? Where should you focus your time and/or money, in order to maximize a small team of staff or volunteers? What are some basic design principles to take into consideration when designing (or contracting out) your marketing materials-including posters, programs, web, social media, and print ads? What could you be doing before, during, and after the event, in order to make the most out of the experience for your team and event attendees? Take away materials will be provided.

This workshop is free for PAVED Arts producing members and $10 for non-members

Lindsey Rewuski has been designing marketing material for gallery events for over 10 years, including creating event marketing plans, social media strategies, event and way-finding design, ad buying and placing, and working with external contractors. She also has 6 years of experience being one of LUGO’s main organizers.