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PAVED Arts programming has reached into the 2019 calendar year, a situation that suggests we draw down the number proposals accepted. In the interest of keeping some scheduling flexibility with projects that arise, and giving submissions from the open call full and fair consideration, we are strategically suspending our general call for September 15, 2017. This year off will allow us to catch up with the projects that are in place and start afresh with the open call for submissions in September, 2018.

This year PAVED Arts is issuing a thematic call for submissions that will form the basis of a single curated exhibition. This project is designed to provide full CARFAC fee support, travel, accommodations, per diem, in-kind support from our production centre, materials budget, etc. Most importantly, a longer time for undertaking production at the centre will be accorded to the successful applicant(s). The 2-3 week “mini-residency” period will be proceeded by a correspondence and exchange with the centre, and provide for time and space to prepare and respond to the gallery and the surrounding community.

Background Premise

In their seminal work A Thousand Plateaus, Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari develop the concept of a Line of Flight as a partial account for how organisms (any living organ-ization or body) manage to, under certain conditions, escape the limitations of identity and territory. They identify three tendencies in relation to this process. The first tendency involves holding to an established territory, which in turn tends to locate and fix content and expression. Conversely, departing from territory, the act of deterritorialization, tends to place content and expression into movement and variation. Both tendencies are regularly taken up as necessary aspects of an organic process. However, there also exists an experimental margin of activity that explores the outside in a manner that is not reconcilable. A Line of Flight constitutes this more radical departure, one that breaks with territory in a way that changes the very composition of a given assemblage, thus entering new territory and becoming truly different. The Line of Flight does not return to an ordinal sense of “identity,” rather the departure establishes new connections that can not be fully anticipated.


Project Proposals: Approach
Proposals responding to this call should include an articulation of artistic interests, political bearings, and past exhibitions and experiences, but only as points of departure. We are looking to engage projects that are experimental to the extent that methodology and social/political attitudes remain open to encounters with other artists and the broader community. In this sense proposals may introduce relevant problematics: dynamic and responsive questions that become manifest in the space through an encounter with the space and the community at large. The LINEs OF FLIGHT project will be curated on the basis of enabling artistic projects that work with the material of a situation, while bringing to bear the peculiar and idiosyncratic sensibilities of the artist and her/his project.


Submissions to the LINEs OF FLIGHT project may target the PAVED Arts Main gallery space, sound separated Media Gallery, the shared PAVED Arts/aka artist run billboard space, or any combination thereof.


Submissions should include:

All documents should be in .pdf format.

Please include an artist statement situating your practice, installation and technical requirements (including diagrams if applicable)
, and a current Curriculum Vitae (maximum 3 pages).


PAVED Arts is a media arts centre mandated to explore photography, audio, video, electronic and digital arts. PLEASE TAKE CARE TO REVIEW THE MANDATE AND OBJECTIVES OF PAVED ARTS:


Accepted media formats for support material:

Video: .mov quicktime file, H264 codec 
Video links:,

Audio: .aiff, .wav, or .mp3

Audio links:

Image: .jpeg format, maximum dimensions of 1920 x 1080 pixels, 72 dpi.
Files must be numbered in the format: 01_surname.jpg

Only electronic submissions will be accepted. Submission materials may be delivered by Dropbox or WeTransfer. The download link should be sent to artistic(at)pavedarts(dot)ca.

PAVED Arts Gallery floorplans can be downloaded from here.

If you would also like to submit work for our billboard space you can check out the submission guidelines here

For more information please contact David LaRiviere, Artistic Director:

(306) 652-5532 -or- artistic(at)pavedarts(dot)ca.