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“Making Your Own Rules”

This workshop will explore how self-made rules can be a catalyst for creativity. Although we associate many of societies rules with obligations or chores, making your own rules can be really fun. Most iconic artworks are governed by some kind of rule or set of principals that inform how a work is constructed or displayed. There are also governing rules that underpin most artistic styles and there are artworks that consist exclusively of a set of instructions or rules that are meant to be followed by viewers to create the work.

In the workshop, we’ll look at the connection between different sets of rules and the artworks they have inspired. we’ll also play with making a set of rules for a project, that will inform a short video project.


Jennifer Crighton is an artist, curator, musician, costume designer and cultural instigator. She has a special interest in community, especially as this relates to our sense of home, our domestic and cultural spaces, and the people we gather around ourselves for support and inspiration. She has played music and presented artwork across Canada and beyond.

This workshop is open to members only.

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