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EVENTS: Saturday, November 11, 2017
Tickets: Festival Passes $25, single perfomances $15 at the door
The view the rest of the festival line up:

7:30pm – 10pm at Emmanuel Anglican Church, beside The Refinery (609 Dufferin Avenue)
Colin Fisher (Toronto ON)
Civvie (Winnipeg MB)
Door: $15 / Free w/ Festival Pass
Venue generously provided by The Broadway Theatre

11 – Late at Aka artist run centre and PAVED Arts Event Space (424 20th Street West)
Sounds Like An After Party, curated by Jon Vaughn
Door: $5 / Free w/ Festival Pass
• 11pm: Booji Bomb ft. Grishnack (Saskatoon SK)
• 11:30pm: Waitress (Saskatoon SK)
With DJ sets by: VC Vibes (Saskatoon SK)
Door: $5 / Free w/ Festival Pass

Artist Bios:

Colin Fisher (Toronto, ON):

Colin Fisher is a Toronto based multi-instrumentalist/composer/improviser active within various communities and aesthetics. His solo work explores what he feels the essential power/potential of music is that exceeds classification and finds itself in listening deeply to ones biological organism and its connection to greater creation. Music has the capacity to create, to sustain life and to bring the organism back into balance/homeostasis.

Colin’s collaborative work links him across various communities and localities – Not the Wind, Not the Flag is a psychedelic/ecstatic music duo with percussionist/musician Brandon Valdivia. Their decade long exploration of duo music has produced a substantial
recording output as well as live performance and tour experience.
He also regularily performs with tabla player Victor Cirone, Groove/improv trio Body Help, Spiritual/free jazz duo Fake Humans with keyboardist Carl Didur (of whom he also plays in Carl’s band Zacht Automat), released a tzadik record with Many Arms, plays drums with guitarist Tristan Trump in the improvised rock duo Conventional Weapons, plays saxophone in Craig Dunsmuir’s Dun Dun Band, free jazz quartet with nyc musicians Brandon Lopez, Marc Edwards and Daniel Carter, free jazz trio with Carl Testa and Mike Pride, a nyc trio “Monas” with Kid Millions and Johnny Deblase who recently released an album and various other improvised group settings.

Colin has appeared and collaborated with Anthony Braxton, Caribou vibration ensemble, William Parker, Sabir Mateen, Rhys Chattam, Dominic Duval, Joe Mcphee, Deily Mori Tounkara, Larajii, Jah Youssouf, The Constantines, Slim Twig, Zones, Matt “doc” Dunn and many others.

Civvie (Winnipeg, MB):

Civvie is an experimental trio improvising on amplified bassoon, cello, and weaving loom. Based in Winnipeg, Civvie creates arresting soundscapes using extended techniques and digital effects, stretching the sonic possibilities of their instruments. The percussive sounds of the weaving loom are layered, its incidental cadence suggesting the pulse of an increasingly industrialized world. The bassoon and cello respond to the woven rhythms in a haunting dialogue, both concerned and hopeful for the future that unfolds. Drawn to the variability of spontaneous compositions, their musical conversations evoke a natural world under the siege of human progress.

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