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Under The Bridge I

Saturday, Sept. 30th at 8pm. Onto the west facing pier of the Senator Sid Buckwold (Idylwyld) Bridge, visible from the west side of the South Saskatchewan River.

I Am The Bridge is a unique outdoor screening event hosted by PAVED Arts and the City of Saskatoon as part of Culture Days and Nuit Blanche.

Earlier this month a community jury selected these works to be featured as part of this years program:

Ania Slusarczyk “Nawigator” – 03′ 01”

Susan Shantz “Becoming Water” – 14′ 52”

Chaes Wesolowski & Jessica Brady “CJ” – 02′ 39

Gavin Baird “The Noise” – 02′ 53”

Jane and Eva McWhirter “Salomé” – 03′ 31”

Kyla George “The Saskatoon Mother’s Centre” – 18′ 41″

Lenore Maier “Kinsmen Creeps” – 02′ 43”

Mateusz Lewczuk “Untitled” – 07′ 33”

Travis Cole & Brianna Whitmore “No Postcards” – 03′ 32″

Following this screening Colby Richardson’s (Winnipeg, MB) interactive video installation will draw on connections between ancient megalithic architecture, and modern infrastructure, transforming the underside of the Idylwyld bridge into an enigmatic gateway in which the viewer becomes the bridge itself.

Colby Richardson is a video artist and experimental filmmaker utilizing video-sculpture, installation and commercially obsolete video and broadcast equipment to explore themes of transformation, transcendence, and abrasive-meditation.


Colby Richardson is a media artist and experimental filmmaker based in Winnipeg MB, Canada. His work explores the potential meditative qualities of somewhat abrasive and jarring experiences, and investigates the relationship between technology and progress; obsolescence and death. By exploiting historic video equipment and obsolete technology, Richardson creates textural and sensory visual works, existing as video sculptures, installations, audiovisual performances, and single-channel film and video. Richardson has screened and exhibited across Canada and internationally, and works as the Digital Art instructor at Art City inc.