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Saturday September 15th, 12pm-4pm
AKA/PAVED Arts Event Space

Every wonder where all the sounds in your favorite film or television show come from? A lot of them are custom made by Foley or sound effects artists, and used to enhance the soundscape of the final product. Foley is the art of recording everyday noises and adding them to media to enhance the realism, or manipulating these sounds to create something bigger than life (think explosions, mythical creatures, etc.).

Join us for an afternoon workshop that covers the history of Foley, and teaches you how to record, create and customize your own sounds to use in your very own films.

Emma Kramer-Rodger is a musician, composer and audio engineer based in Regina, Saskatchewan. She is passionate about working in a variety of entertainment mediums including film, video games and virtual reality. Emma has completed a Bachelor’s degree in music performance from the University of Regina and a certificate in Audio Production for Film and Video Games from Berklee College of Music Online. Currently working full time at Talking Dog Studios, she has worked on a number of independent video games and larger film productions, including Distorted and The Humanity Bureau. In addition to creating unique sound effects and Foley, Emma also has a passion for music composition and creating virtual reality spatial audio.

Members: FREE
Non-members: $50 (Price of membership at time of registration or $25 for students/underemployed)