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On November 25, 2018, 12-6pm
At PAVED Arts, 424-20 St. W
Create a lifelong memory with you and your pet – just in time for Christmas! On November 25th, we invite you and your beloved pet to come to PAVED Arts and get your portrait taken together. All critters welcome, whether it’s a dog, cat, turtle, parrot, lizard, gerbil, goldfish, or capybara!
Choose from 3 magical artist-made themes/sets:
Winter Wonderland, Tropical Paradise, Moon Room
$35 for 15-minute photo shoot, with print package add-on options!
A) 4 (4×6) prints = $20
B) 10 (4×6) prints = $40
C) 20 (4×6) prints = $60
D) 8×10 prints = $10 each
Digital copies of the photos will be posted to PAVED’s Facebook page. Printed copies can be picked up at PAVED Arts headquarters the following week. Payment can be made at the time of your shoot, and we can take Credit Card, Debit, Cash.
A special thanks to aceartinc. in Winnipeg for giving us permission to use their “A Portrait with your Pet” fundraiser idea.
Questions? Email or call 306-652-2242 ext 2