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PAVED Meant Vol. 2 (2015-2016)

Summary: Anthology of critical essays that analyze contemporary visual and media arts exhibitions and events that have transpired at PAVED Arts in Saskatoon. Foreword by Crystal Bueckert with essay contributions from Rose Bouthillier, Reilly Forbes, Sandra Fraser, Bart Gazzola, Tarin Hughes, David LaRiviere, Jessica Morgun, Marcel Petit, Edward Poitras, and Leah Taylor.

80 pages, hard cover, 45 colour images.
Design by Lindsey Rewuski, Printed by Friesens Corporation.

ISBN 978-0-9689334-9-7 

Copies are available for purchase: $20.00 + $4.94 shipping within Canada, $10.30 shipping to the U.S. and $20.60 shipping abroad.
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