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Augment Your Art: Part 2 w/ Andrei Feheregyhazi
Tuesday, November 26th, 7pm
AKA/PAVED Arts Event Space

Part 2: Augmenting artwork with digital animation

Take the video created in the previous workshop and using the ArtVIVE app to add it to the 2D artwork. The basics of another (more complex) method of creating augmented reality will be covered as well.

*Note: It is possible to participate in this without attending the previous workshop if you have extensive knowledge of adobe creative cloud and come with video or animation ready to use. Make sure the animation is formatted to match the dimensions of your artwork.

Andrei Feheregyhazi‘s Biography: My work as a filmmaker, animator and visual artist has been shaped by the three decades I have spent in Saskatoon and the exposure I’ve had to theatre and the other arts from a very young age. I was fortunate enough to experience the many aspects of theatre watching my father Tibor Feheregyhazi bring to life play after play on the stage of Persephone Theatre. It has been very influential in my formation as an artist. Because of this, I have learned a deep appreciation for the audience and community as the most important aspect of any work of art.

For me the “Art” happens when an audience engages with a piece, and it is that relationship that eclipses whatever relationship the artist has with the work.

While I have been exposed to theatre, dance and music, I discovered early on that I am a visual person. I took the lessons I learned while watching my father and developed a unique style of animation that has captivated the attention of people of all ages around the world. A style that combines paper cutouts, stop motion, and at times artwork and illustrations from artists circling the globe. It is a style that is unique yet lends itself to use the work of many to create a uniform final product. My work has been nominated for music video awards, shown on television networks around the world and featured in film festivals in Canada and abroad.

For the last couple years I have been exploring and experimenting with combining augmented reality with prints, paintings and sculptures in order to create artistic experiences in which people can lose themselves. I’ve also found it leads to a collaborative art experience. People work together with the art to make a piece that is uniquely theirs. I hope to make more collaborative art experiences for this and into the future.


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