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Alyssa Bornn, Scott Fitzpatrick, Colby Richardson, & Meganelizabeth Diamond

Saturday, April 13, 2019
Doors at 7, Screening at 7:30pm
AKA/PAVED Arts Event Space
FREE/PWYC at the door

LIGHT TERRORS is a recurring mobile expanded cinema series, an evening of experimental audio-visual performances by a loose collective of some of Winnipeg’s foremost contemporary moving image makers. The show focuses on the use of obsolete analog film and video apparatuses – including overhead and 16mm projectors, analog video mixers and much more – to fashion new live performance works combining sound and light in temporal sculpture.

Alyssa Bornn is a Winnipeg-based interdisciplinary artist working primarily in photo-adjacent fields. Her work engages themes of nostalgia, domestic space, and archival failings through traditional photographic methods, digital means of image making and manipulation, as well as physical constructions that are informed by the language and tropes of lens-based practices. She seeks out and constructs scenarios that embrace a failing of photography to hold things in place. In her performance works and she utilizes analog projection equipment, contact microphones, and found and altered objects to build and manipulate light-constructions and equipment-generated noise. There is a focus on object materiality, subtle shifts and their corresponding impact on the projected visual field.

SF is a visual artist (Libra) from Winnipeg whose film and video work has screened at underground festivals and marginalized venues worldwide. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Film Studies at the University of Manitoba and began conducting lo-fi moving image experiments in 2010. In addition to producing his own work, SF presents the work of others through the Winnipeg Underground Film Festival and Open City Cinema.

Colby Richardson is a media artist and experimental filmmaker currently based in Winnipeg MB, Canada. Driven by a fascination with obsolete technologies and underused consumer electronics, his work examines the relationship between technology and progress, and explores the artistic potentiality of technological systems and functions left behind, or deemed undesirable by such progress. By utilizing and re-contextualising historic video equipment and other out-of-date technologies, Richardson creates dynamic and textural visual works, taking the form of video sculptures, installations, and performances, as well as single-channel film and video. His work embraces the potential meditative qualities of abrasive and jarring stimulus, and investigates themes of transformation, progress, and death.

Meganelizabeth Diamond is an interdisciplinary artist from Hazelridge + Winnipeg, Manitoba currently based out of Camp Morton, Manitoba. Her practice utilizes both analog and digital forms of image capturing, collaging and film-making. She is a collective member of Open City Cinema and co-programs the Winnipeg Underground Film Festival. Her work has shown throughout artist-run centres and festivals across Canada and the United States. Meganelizabeth sits on the board of directors of PLATFORM photographic centre + digital arts and she completed her BFA at the University of Manitoba.