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Artist in residence: October 28- November 7, 2019
Opening reception: Thursday, November 7th at 8pm
On view November 8 – December 13, 2019

PAVED Arts is pleased to present a new solo exhibition project by Winnipeg-based artist Luther Konadu. What follows is a statement by the artist: Gestures on Portrayal: By gesture, I mean, the hand or body movement one makes in uttering something they can’t quite let out with language alone. This is likely because it is backed up in transit somewhere within the jumbled immaterial thought that moves them to motion. This is a continuous knowing act of guessing and wishing for a proximity to articulation that never becomes.

By portrayal, I mean, not a depiction completely absorbed in representation but rather, one that is perhaps orbital, abstract, and contently fragmentary.

By gestures on portrayal, I mean, an accumulation of fractional utterances about the very subject of depiction through photography and its attendant history. The works here under this title come about through re-photography, assembled text, and images in relation to one other either through diptychs, or polytychs. It highlights a community of friends within activities of self-narration.

Artist Bio:
Luther Konadu is an emerging artist and occasional writer. He runs Public Parking; a publication for tangential conversations and critical thought. Konadu is currently based in Winnipeg.

PAVED Arts and BlackFlash Magazine will be collaborating to commission a new work from Luther Konadu to be produced in the PAVED Arts Production Centre and disseminated as an artist project in an upcoming issue of BlackFlash.

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Image:Luther Konadu, ‘Gestures on Portrayal’, 2019, C-print

Gestures on Portrayal