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Tuesday, July 30th , 2019, 7pm
AKA/PAVED Arts Event Space

“Instead of being an object made by one person (art) is a process set in motion by a group of people. Art is socialized. It isn’t someone saying something, but people doing things, giving everyone (including those involved) the opportunity to have experiences that they could not otherwise have had.” John Cage

This workshop explores experimental methods for creating sound using materials, small actions and digital processing. Participants will explore sound techniques for making sound, with contact mics to amplify materials. The result is an electro-acoustic instrument for a collaborative sound improvisation.

Please bring a selection of organic matter and small everyday items, such as paper cups, twigs, small flat stones, cheese grater, spoon, onion skin, thin ply, or aluminum foil. These will be used for making sound.

Ellen Moffat works with sound, materials and space in projects that includes multi-channel installations, performance and community projects as solo, collaborative and interdisciplinary work. Her work has been presented throughout Canada and internationally in gallery exhibitions and off-site events. She is currently based in London, ON where she a PhD a candidate in Visual Arts.