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January 22 – February 27, 2021
On view at PAVED Arts

For in-person visits, please email at least 24-hours in advance to book your exhibition viewing. Appointments are available Tuesday to Friday, between noon to six in half-hour blocks, capacity of 5 people.

Some of the images from the “Internet Vernacular” project may be disturbing to some people. Viewer and parental discretion is advised.

For the few of us obsessed with found photography, we often dream about treasure troves containing a variety of snapshots in various photographic formats, from Polaroids to prints to sundry forms of photographic negatives. These photographic objects are often obtained at flea markets, yard sales, thrift shops, estate sales, and in the trash. Vernacular photographs are anonymous snapshots of everyday life. As such, they were not intended to be artistic, and are often not technically proficient, yet these are some of the reasons this form of photography continues to capture the imagination. Although there might only be one gem in a collection of abandoned photos, that one photograph is often more compelling than the moments captured by those who consider themselves professional or artistic photographers. These vernacular gems reposition the amateur as an artist, and reveal the inherent democratized nature of photography. Internet Vernacular is a collection of digitally-born vernacular photography obtained while rummaging through the online photographic collections of users who haven’t posted in years.

Conspiracies in Isolation is a PAVED-commissioned artist book. This short artist book will be available online (with a limited number of physical copies available in-person), and is compiled from a series of thoughts and ideas related to Q—n. The book was developed under lockdown and contains personal reflections, observations, snapshots, and a few images found on the Internet while attempting to decipher the secrets behind the secrets.

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Publication Addendum

Clint Enns is a writer and visual artist living in Montreal, Quebec. His most recent project Internet Vernacular explores digitally-born vernacular photography. //


Due to the content of this work, we are hesitant to state the name of the conspiracy group that the artist is critiquing in their publication, “Conspiracies in Isolation”. After we shared a Facebook event with the above text, our PAVED Arts Facebook page and all Admin’s personal accounts, were disabled immediately, without warning or reason given. All appeals to reinstate, so far, have been denied.  The only conclusion that we could come to, was that stating the organization’s name on Facebook, seems to have contravened their Community Standards policy, resulting in a permanent ban.

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