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Introduction to Cassette Tape-Looping
w/ Spencer King Martin
Saturday, March 7th, 2020, 12pm
AKA/PAVED Arts Event Space

This workshop will serve as an entry to the methods of multi-track cassette tape-looping and the possibilities of using them to create repetitive, rhythmic musical patterns, dense layers of sound and exploring phase patterns, rhythms, textures and timbres. Participants will learn how to create their own cassette tape-loops by hand, explore recording techniques and how to manipulate loops of their own creation. Techniques of digital manipulation and multi tape phase shifting will be highlighted as well, with an emphasis on the application of tape-loops in generative music.

No experience is necessary, and the workshop is designed to be accessible to complete beginners.

Spencer King Martin is an amateur musician and aspiring programmer from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. They are a student of sound art and are always working to learn new methods and applications.

Members: FREE
Non-members: $50 (Price of membership at time of registration or $25 for students/underemployed)

To register for this workshop, email