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Congrats to members Simon Garez and Gavin Baird for their winning submissions!

Simon Garez


Simon Garez is a Saskatoon-based actor and director who works in French and English. Raised in Saskatchewan, he holds a BFA in theatre from Simon Fraser University and a diploma in acting from the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts. Since a young age, Simon has spent his summers working as a beekeeper in northern Saskatchewan. His years of experience with bees and honey production have deeply influenced his artistic practise and work.

Project description: Gentle Hum of Spring is his first professional film production in the role of director. The film follows a day in the life of Anton, a beekeeper, as he struggles with the upkeep and survival of his bee colonies following a harsh winter.



Gavin Baird


Gavin Baird is an independent filmmaker based in Saskatoon, SK. He is the writer/director of Four in a BlanketBegonia, and his latest feature-film The Caring Only Cry at Night.

Project description: Our Lunar Mourning is a feature film following a small apartment complex of working class people who are slowly forced out of their homes due to a space-shuttle launch site being built across the street.