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Pippa Lattey / Into Orbit
Thursday, April 2, 2020 at 7pm (CST)

In lieu of an opening reception for this remarkable exhibition, PAVED will be hosting a watch party on our Facebook Page, featuring a talk and tour of Pippa’s exhibition ‘Into Orbit’, while artist Pippa Lattey and curator David LaRiviere will be available for questions and comments!

Please join us in celebrating these new works (from a safe distance)!


A green shampoo bottle, an old drain plug, and a couple of deflated pink water balloons: these objects are familiar and banal, and might be found in the bottom of a junk drawer. Into Orbit reimagines them as bodies in a solar system, moving and twirling around one another. Sometimes they waver, and sometimes a stronger body gains the upper hand, pulling a smaller object into its orbit.

Into Orbit is a system of everyday objects, where inanimate things take on new lives. Motors and simple electronics activate them in a choreography that reveals hidden relationships: casual, intimate, aloof, hostile. Supported by simple wooden structures and held together with wire and strings, the objects live an active and noisy life in the gallery.

Artist Bio /
Pippa Lattey lives in Vancouver BC, where she works mostly with sculpture, movement, and sound. Her work has been shown in galleries in BC and Washington State. After completing her BFA at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2016, she completed a permanent outdoor sculpture Gestures of Birds, was awarded a BC Arts Council Early Career Development Grant, for a mentorship with artist Luke Blackstone, and a Canada Council project grant for a kinetic sculpture with Vancouver artist and musician Al Neil’s old piano.