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Super 8 – 101 Workshop
w/ Lenore Maier, Travis Cole, and Ania Slusarczyk
Tuesday, July 7th, 7pm
Online via Zoom

Need help planning your One Take Super 8 film? Join us for this Super 8 Workshop, with local PAVED Arts staff and Super 8 hobbyists Lenore Maier, Ania Slusarczyk, and Travis Cole. Together, they will offer technical & creative advice, share examples of some of their favourite Super 8 films, and provide essential tips on how to best organize your single cartridge shoot to make your final product look as good as possible.

Free workshop, no experience necessary.

Participants are encouraged to use their own cameras if they have them. Our facilitators will do their best to provide online instructions to ensure they’re in proper working order. Cameras will also be available to borrow from PAVED Arts, free of charge to all OTS8 participants.

The night of the workshop is also a perfect time to purchase your Colour or Black and White cartridge before they’re gone!

To register for the workshop, email
Reserve your film cartridge here:

One Take Super 8 (OTS8) Entry Fee: $40 – B&W / $50 – Colour
Fee includes (a) cartridge of B&W or colour super 8 film, (b) processing services, and (c) guaranteed exhibition of $80. You can provide your own cartridge of film for this project (NO NEGATIVES) for a $25 processing fee.

OTS8 Key Dates:
July 1st – July 24th: Registration window
July 1st – August 10th: Shoot your film between these dates
August 10th: Exposed film submission deadline
TBA: Screening date and time

Questions about anything related to the OTS8 event? Contact