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Please join us for a live conversation between artists Clint Enns and Mike Hoolboom regarding PAVED Arts recent exhibition Internet Vernacular // Conspiracies in Isolation and some of the controversy surrounding it.

Watch here:

Topics covered will include:
– Contemporary found image practices (i.e. the art stealing/borrowing digital-born images)
– Screen culture during the pandemic (i.e. internet/image fatigue and mediated realities)
– Artist-run culture, corporate censorship and pushing/testing/breaking boundaries through art making (i.e. PAVED Arts recent Facebook ban)

Particular images included in the show will be analyzed and discussed. The conversation will be informal, accessible, insightful and fun.

Clint Enns is a writer and visual artist living in Montreal, Quebec. His most recent project Internet Vernacular explores digitally-born vernacular photography.

Mike Hoolboom began making movies in 1980. Making as practice, a daily application. Ongoing remixology. Since 2000 there has been a steady drip of found-footage bio-docs. The animating question of community: how can I help you? Interviews with media artists for three decades. Monographs and books, written, edited, co-edited. Local ecologies. Volunteerism. Opening the door.

Thank you to Collective Broadcasting Co. for providing streaming services.