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Tuesday, September 7th, 2021
7pm CST on Zoom
FREE, Open to all
A #PAVEDArtsAtHome Workshop

Presented in partnership with Holophon Audio arts
Online – registration via Eventbrite

This workshop will give you the tools to look at basically any subtractive synthesizer (the most common synthesis method), and know exactly what every control does to manipulate the sound.We will do a deep dive into spectrum and the harmonic series, two concepts that are fundamental to sound waves in general. Lots of the information covered in the workshop will be transferrable to other forms of synthesis and sound creation.The workshop is intended for any experience level, although it might be more challenging for absolute beginners.

• Participants will need their own subtractive synthesizer that they can make sounds on and hear during the workshop. This could be a VST, or synth hosted within a DAW (like Analog hosted within ableton live), an outboard hardware synth (like a Korg Minilogue) or an online synth app (like Cardboard Online Synth). If you are unsure whether your synth is subtractive, look for parameters like “VCO”, “Saw Wave”, or “Low Pass Filter”. If you’re still not sure, you can probably just google “is x synthesizer subtractive”.
• We recommend participants take notes during the workshop. Fundamental concepts take a long time to internalize, so a written reference would likely be very useful during the following months (and years!!) of using synthesizers.

Sarah Feldman is a composer, performer and educator living in Montreal, Canada. She co-leads a band called Watering and makes experimental electronic music under her own name. She runs a music education YouTube channel called Sounds Good, and teaches private lessons in electronic music. She studied electroacoustics and music composition at Concordia University in Montreal. //