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Friday, September 24, 2021
7pm CST
Online via Zoom:
Meeting ID: 833 2752 2484

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Presented in partnership with Nuit Blanche with financial support from Culture Days

This workshop will cover the basics of working with blender with a focus on optimizing for use
on mobile. Those new to blender will learn everything they need to start using it and exploring it
further. Blender is a deep program with many features and this workshop only scratches the
surface, but participants will leave with the tools to make a simple animation and grow further.
Areas covered
-Very brief intro to sculpting (Just showing where it exists, and how brushes work)
-UV editing
-Texturing (Colour, Roughness, Metallic, Normals)
-Intro to Modifiers
-Intro to Animation
If there is time there will be a Q&A to allow participants to ask about specific solutions, or more
details about certain areas.

Andrei Feheregyhazi is an artist and animator whose work is often filled with an absurd humour
that doesn’t take itself too seriously. He addresses issues of tragedy, loss, and general feelings
of dread and isolation in a lighthearted and whimsical way.
His work primarily focuses on animation. Using scanned textures, photographs, and a
combination of Blender and After effects he creates a handmade aesthetic that offers the
flexibility of working digitally,
Since early 2018 Andrei has been experimenting and pushing boundaries by combining
augmented reality with various forms of art. What he loves most about it is the ability to explore
space and narratives in new and interesting ways. Whether it is a picture book that comes to
life and animates itself in someone’s hands or reshaping a public space into something
animated and magical.
As augmented reality continues to evolve over the coming years he looks forward to
experimenting and looking for new ways to engage the public with art.

Register in advance by emailing