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Tuesday, September 21st, 7pm (CST)
Online via Zoom
Free workshop presented in partnership with Holophon Audio Arts

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Have you ever wondered “What’s the deal with MIDI? How can I use MIDI to control my keyboards? What else can MIDI do? What does MIDI even mean?” This workshop will try to demystify MIDI by showing how to control hardware and software synths from controllers, computers, and even mobile devices.

Attendees must have a computer, an audio/MIDI interface, and possibly a MIDI-capable hardware synth. For software, it is recommended to download Sunvox (, which is free on Mac and Windows, and cheap on IOS.

Ernie Dulanowsky is an electronic sound composer and performer using homemade and commercial non-keyboard electronics to create ambient drone and noise pieces. His work is informed by the sounds found at the intersection of office building ambience and broken media transmissions. Some of his compositions can be found at