Hilarey Cowan / Caring Capacity

Hilarey Cowan / Caring Capacity

Hilarey Cowan / Caring Capacity

January 21–February 25, 2022

Hilarey Cowan will show her VR gaming work entitled “Caring Capacity” in our Media Gallery. This work was developed through the MacKenzie Art Gallery’s Digital Artist in Residence (DAiR) program.

In this game, the user is immersed in a world that is icy and barren. Various objects appear with time-sensitive, declining “health” bars. The objects wither away as the corresponding health bar turns red. The user is invited to help, to increase the health of the objects and stave off their disappearance.

“By touching and interacting with them, you are adding CareValue. These CareObjects need this to grow, and eventually spawn smaller versions of themselves. Each CareObject has a notification sound along with it, it’s pitch being attached to its current CareValue. Together these create a layered and sometimes overwhelming soundscape, especially as they begin to spawn.”

The “Caring Capacity” media art installation will be available by appointment to gamers and gallery goers alike.

To book your private viewing/gameplay, email artistic@pavedarts.ca today!


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