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Application Deadline to PAVED Arts: Friday, April 1, 2022.

PAVED Arts is a designated industry partner of Telefilm Canada’s Talent to Watch Program, and as such, able to recommend projects for financing!

The Talent To Watch Program supports the production, digital distribution and promotion of a first-feature length film or other format of narrative-based audiovisual content made specifically for online distribution.

The maximum contribution amount through this program is $250,000 for fiction feature films and $150,000 for feature length documentaries. 

Support under this Program is provided through three separate streams: the Industry Partner Stream, the Festival Selection Stream and the Filmmaker Apply-Direct Stream.  

For those wanting to apply through Industry Partner Stream, PAVED Arts can help!

Financing will be given to projects chosen among those recommended by designated industry partners for each component of the Program. 

This application process has two stages:
1. Recommendation Stage: Applicants apply to PAVED Arts, and we select up to two projects-one fiction feature film or theatrical documentary, and one Indigenous project-to recommend to Telefilm.  PAVED Arts will make our selection(s) and will contact you to let you know if your project was chosen for recommendation to Telefilm.

2. Application Stage: If the project(s) recommended by PAVED Arts are selected by Telefilm to  move forward, the creative team will then be asked to incorporate a company which will apply directly through the Telefilm portal.

To Keep in Mind: 
• ALL key members of submitted projects (Director, Producer, Writer) MUST be emerging talent. Please see the Telefilm Guidelines and Essential Information Guide for the updated definition of what qualifies as emerging talent.

At least ONE of the key members of submitted projects (Director, Producer, Writer) must be a current member of PAVED Arts. 

How to Apply:
Send ONE LINK to a folder on cloud storage containing all of the Required Items to before 11:59 pm on Friday, April 1, 2022.

Please note that the May 3 deadline mentioned on Telefilm’s website is the deadline for PAVED Arts to submit our recommendations. Your deadline to apply to PAVED Arts is April 1, 2022.

Please visit the Telefilm Talent to Watch website for more information on program details and eligibility requirements.

Program Details
Guidelines & Eligibility Requirements
• Essential Information Guide
List of Required Documents